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Google Play Music Manager Log Files

Google Play Music Manager log files

Google Play Music is a great way to take your music with you on your mobile device.  If you are managing thousands of music files, chances are that you are using the Google Music Manager to upload your files to Google Play Music.  However, the Music Manager interface is pretty spartan and doesn’t give a lot of information about what it is doing in the background.  Use the Google Play Music Manager log files to see exactly what it Music Manger doing behind the scenes.

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Launch a .php script in Windows by double-clicking

Launch a php script in windows by double-clicking

PHP is a great programing language for the web, but it can also be a handy command line interface (CLI) scripting language.

You may have PHP running in Windows either as a specific installation of PHP or perhaps as part of WAMP (i.e. Windows – Apache – MySQL – PHP).

This article describes how to execute a CLI PHP script by simply double-clicking on the script icon from the Windows interface.  Here is how to set it up.
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Avoid interference between 5 GHz WiFi and 5.8 GHz cordless phones

interference wifi cordless phones

Are you running 5 GHz WiFi (a.k.a. 802.11a, 802.11n or 802.11ac)?  Are you also using a 5.8 GHz cordless phone system?  If so, you may be experiencing interference resulting in performance problems with both systems – problems like:

  • strong WiFi signal strength “bars” yet slow network speeds; or
  • phone calls that sound choppy or “noisy”.

You may be able to avoid interference between 5 GHz WiFi and 5.8 GHz cordless phones by simply by selecting channels 36 through 48 in your WiFi router.  If you want further details, just read on.
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Google Tasks as a Windows 7 application

Google Tasks as a Windows 7 application

I am a big believer that working off a task list makes me much more productive.  Each morning, I review my task list and order the tasks in priority.  Then I work the list.

With tasks being so critical to my work, I want to be sure that I can access and modify my task list with the least amount of effort no matter where I am.  I use Google Tasks as my back end task engine and various solutions to access my tasks on Windows, Mac, iPad and Android phone. This article describes how to set up Google Tasks as a pseudo Windows 7 application so it is readily available with a single click and it can be left on the desktop.
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