Google Tasks as a Windows 7 application

Google Tasks as a Windows 7 application

I am a big believer that working off a task list makes me much more productive.  Each morning, I review my task list and order the tasks in priority.  Then I work the list.

With tasks being so critical to my work, I want to be sure that I can access and modify my task list with the least amount of effort no matter where I am.  I use Google Tasks as my back end task engine and various solutions to access my tasks on Windows, Mac, iPad and Android phone. This article describes how to set up Google Tasks as a pseudo Windows 7 application so it is readily available with a single click and it can be left on the desktop.

Since Google Tasks is a browser based application, you need to select a browser to be the back end renderer.  I selected IE9 because it is my least favorite browser.  I have pretty much dedicated IE9 to managing my tasks so that I can use Chrome and Firefox for the rest of my work without having to worry about affecting tasks (e.g. by logging out of Google).

Here are the steps to create the desktop application.

  • Run IE9.
  • Visit the Google Task URL:
  • Log in and check “Remember me”
  • Press the “alt” key to get the hidden IE9 menu. Select Tools > Compatibility View settings.

  • Select “Display all websites in Compatibility View” if you are only using IE9 for your task list.  Otherwise, you may just want to add “”.

Note that if you don’t enable compatibility mode, you will get an error every time you try to add a new task that says “Sorry, there has been an error. You must restart Google Tasks; unsaved changes will be lost. Restart”

Sorry, there has been an error. You must restart Google Tasks; unsaved changes will be lost.

  • Now make the desktop app link by going to the Gear icon > File > Add Site to Start Menu.

  • Click “Add”.

This will add a new icon to your Start > All Programs menu.  If you notice, you will see that the icon has changed in the task bar for this IE window. This icon is your new application.

  • Right-click on this new icon and select “Pin this program to taskbar”.

Now you can access your Google Tasks with a single click.  You can also leave the Google Tasks window on your desktop if you wish.

If you found this article helpful, please leave a reply below.  Thanks!

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  1. Thank you for this tip.
    Very usefull to edit my google tasks. And much better than “” , which I used before.

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