Premiere Pro animations from still images

Premiere Pro, a video editing program from Adobe, is quite powerful provided you can figure out how to make it do what you want. I needed an animation created from a number of still images that were in proper alphabetical order but not sequentially numbered. Here is how I did it.

Premiere Pro has the ability to create an animation from a sequence of single frame images automatically provided that they are numbered a particular way:


To create an animation with files names in this type of a format, you simply need to do:

File > Import > (select the files) > (check the Numbered Stills checkbox) > Open

For more information on using the Numbered Stills feature, visit the Adobe Support website.

However, my files were not so conveniently named:


To create an animation out of these files do the following:

Open a new project
Edit > Preferences > General …
Change the Still Image Default Duration to “1” (for a single frame per image)

Premiere Pro animations from still images

Click OK
File > Import
Select all the images

Click Open

At this point, you will have a bunch of images that are each one frame in duration. Select all the images in the Project pane and drag to the sequence timeline.

You are now ready to preview, modify and/or export.

Note that you must change the Still Image Default Duration before you import your files. This setting will not change the duration of previously imported files or files already in a sequence.

If you need to change the duration after you have imported your files, select all the files in the Project pane (not the timeline) and then:

Right Click > Speed/Duration…

Change the duration to whatever you want.  Delete the previous images from your sequence timeline.  Select all the images in the Project pane and drag to the sequence timeline.

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